Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blackout Drapes

Blackout drapes for high tech homes

The trend in window treatments appears to have swung toward the organic, or the natural look. New homes today are smarter and “greener” than in years past; thus, home and business owners are making a conscious decision to accentuate style and beauty; while at the same time, incorporating high function and energy efficiency. This means that colorful and stylish blackout draperies are in high demand.

Blackout drapes have become a significant part of the equation for a number of reasons.  Over two-thirds of American homes have HDTV sets or projection televisions that require lower lighting to reduce glare. Many of these homes are set up with surround sound or actual home theatres. Home owners are starting to turn towards blackout drapes for the light blocking properties.  Additionally, blackout drapes have an inherent tendency to dampen sound, improving the theatre-like quality of surround sound systems.

For decades, Blackout drapes and blind were primarily used in nurseries, bedrooms for day-sleepers, an in conference rooms.  Today, they are utilized to block out light and to assist in reducing radiant transfer of heat and cold through window panes. Estimates are that they can be as much as 45% more efficient. They are available in virtually every color and texture, matching any style and d├ęcor. Like all draperies options include motorized or manual operation.  See your draperies dealer to get specific information on all the colors and prints available.

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