Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Quality Wood Blinds

Among the many looks that you can instantly create by using treatments is to install a new window blind. Wood blinds can add charm and elegance to any room in your home, and are available in different wood finishes or you can have them stained to complement the existing furniture in the room.

More benefits for wood blinds

- Variety. No matter what the internal system, you will find a great selection of wooden window blinds that perfectly complement any taste. Wooden blinds are especially effective and are a great match for tropical decor.

- Customization. Wooden blinds are available in many options for prefabricated, or you may choose to use wood window blinds of the same wood that the window is made of or of any other material of your choice.

- Personal preference. Wood Blinds provides an additional level of privacy in the room where they are installed. These types of blinds add warmth to your room.

- Energy conservation. Recently, most wood blinds are constructed with materials heavier than blinds made of vinyl or plastic, they block the heat during summer and cold air in the winter to reduce your heating and cooling bills.

- Durability. Wooden blinds are more durable than other types, in fact, many owners report having the same blinds for many years without the need to replace them.

Faux wood blinds

Real wood blinds are more expensive than other types (but worth the investment). If your budget does not allow for real wood, faux wood blinds is an option that give you the wooden look without the price being higher. Faux wood blinds can be found at affordable prices, which are known for their high moisture content - will never warp or crack. Search for faux wooden blinds that are built heavier than the highest quality materials.

Instructions for Care of wooden blinds

Caring for your wooden window blinds is easy, but care must be especially given when cleaning real wood because it is easily damaged.

- Gently vacuum the blinds from the brush head of your vacuum hose. Tilt the slats in the blinds for both.

- Wipe with a dry cloth - never use water to clean wood blinds. The water can cause the wood to warp or bend.

- Use non-wax furniture polish or oil with a soft cloth to give your blinds added Shine.

- Every two or three years, use a wood cleaner such as oil soap to thoroughly clean your wood blinds.

- If you're worried about damaging your blinds while cleaning them, there are professional cleaners who will come to your home and clean the blinds for you.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to Choose Window Shutters for Your House

Window shutters are multi purposed in the sense that they offer protection to your furniture from the light that can come through the windows as well as they look good. Hence they are a very important part of any and every house. Here are some things to consider when choosing shutters for your home windows.

Their ability to let in or keep out light – in the summer months when it is really hot there are shutters that can help you stay cooler as well as keep your electricity bill down. By contrast in the winter months you can open your blinds and allow the sunlight to come inside no matter what a small amount it may be. Be sure to ask the store representative how good the shutters are at keeping light out when they are closed.

What are the window shutters made of – you will find shutters made of different materials and you will want to choose the shutters that are the most durable. It is better to pay more upfront for a shutter that will last longer than to pay a small amount upfront for something that will get damaged from the slightest touch.

If you find that you cannot find shutters that meet your requirements you can have them custom made. Custom made window shutters are ideal for people who have an individualized style. So if you are the type that likes unique things in your home you can get a shutter made to suite you. You can have your pick of material color and hardware or accessories to go along with the blinds ensuring that they will match your already unique décor.

How to Choose Window Blinds for your Home

Finding that perfect window blind can be a tough task. You want to add the blinds to your room to keep out light or just let the right amount of light in but at the same time you want them to look good and match with your current décor. You also don’t want to spend too much money and yet you want to ensure that you are picking a durable product.

To ensure you are getting the best window blinds for your home here are the two most important steps.

You must first measure your window, what good is a blind that doesn’t fit at all or doesn’t fit well. It will affect your décor negatively so save yourself two trips to the store by measuring first. Blinds fit inside the window frame so your measurement should be within the frame from one end to the next. You mustn’t only measure the width of the window but the length is important just as well.

The next important thing you must do before you go shopping for window blinds for your home is to decide what purpose your blinds will serve mainly. This will lead to another point where you will decide if you will need thicker blinds or blinds made of a certain material that are designed for specific purposes. If you choose your blinds well you may be surprised to see just how much money you will start saving on electricity after you have installed certain types of blinds.

Some other helpful tips for helping you select the window blinds for your home are if your windows are large. If they are ceiling to floor windows you can think about using vertical blinds which are usually used for doors or in office buildings. You also want to ensure that the color of the blind is in keeping with your current décor.

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