Friday, October 28, 2011

Decorating with Timeless Style

Today, I wanted to quickly share with you some of my favorite decorating tips from Real Simple and House Beautiful... If you're feeling the itch to do some "reorganizing" or give a room in your house a quick "face lift" (this weekend, maybe?), here is a little bit of advice from a few great interior designers from our time and generations before us; who knew how to design a house in a way that you can call it "home" for the rest of your life. Enjoy! -Brittany

1. "Every room has a mood or personality…and it is this that one desires to develop." —Eleanor Brown
2. "Make the husband happy, and the job is done." —Frances Elkins
3. "Believe in optimism and plenty of white paint." —Elsie de Wolfe
4. "If you make a compromise — selecting something cheaper than what you really like — it compromises you, because you are never really happy with the result." —Rose Cumming
5. "There is one fundamental fact about lighting: Where there is no light, there is no beauty." —Ruby Ross Wood
6. "You can never achieve anything in a house unless you have things that have been passed down and you find a place for them for yourself." —Sister Parish
7. "Crossing too many t's and dotting too many i's make a room look overdone and tiresome. One should create something that fires the imagination without overemphasis." —Nancy Lancaster
8. "Love is essential to the decoration of a house....A room must say, 'My love is here,' or 'My love has just left,' or 'I'm waiting for my love to arrive.'" —Madeleine Castaing
9. "Too often when we're buying or building a house, we do not consider each room. We are carried away by one charming feature and are blind to details that will give us trouble later on." —Dorothy Draper

Here are some wonderful tips on decorating with a "Timeless Style".....adapted from Real Simple

  • Stick to a Muted Palette Why it works: With a restricted palette, colors recede into the background, allowing the furnishings and the accessories to take center stage. Here, the limited color scheme lets the curves of the table and the chairs stand out. The walls are painted in a tone similar to that of the area rug, and the moldings are painted a bright white to echo the curtains and the upholstery.

  • Arrange Small Pictures on a Dresser Why it works: "Small pictures look like visual noise on a wall," says Andrew Flesher, an interior designer in Minneapolis. But they can pump up the personality of an otherwise ho-hum table. To unify a collection of photographs, use frames of the same material and make sure all the pictures are approximately the same size, so that none will stand out over the others
  • Top Carpeting With an Area Rug Why it works: Layering rugs, like layering clothes, adds texture, color, and dimension. The effect is "calm and warm," says interior designer Suzanne Rheinstein, owner of Hollyhock, a Los Angeles home store. For the best results, start with a tightly woven, low-pile carpet or sisal in a solid tone. Complement it with almost any area rug―flat cotton, zebra-print cowhide, or fluffy flokati.
  • Keep the Mantel Spare Why it works: A well-dressed mantel makes an impact from a distance. You shouldn't have to walk up to it to view the objects on it. Opt for large, tall vessels to complement the height of the chimney, but make sure they don't impede the view of a painting or a mirror. Pick curvy vases to soften a hard-edged mantel and squarish ones to contrast a fireplace with a rounded opening.
  • Cluster Similar Colors Together Why it works: Colors from a single family blend effortlessly without being matchy-matchy. Pick a color you love and stick with its variations. If you like green, for example, paint walls and choose curtains in a rich khaki. Punch up the palette with a brighter sofa. Accessorize with a lime green patterned rug, botanical prints featuring different shades of green and brown, and a yellow green throw.

-Real Simple

"My belief is, when it comes to decorating, it's more than just "decorating"; it's a process of collecting, researching, defining your style, and investing." -Brittany

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Favorites: Inspiration from Domino- The Book of Decorating

Production of Domino Magazine ceased in Spring of 2009; Thankfully, we have the ever-amazing Domino Book of Decorating- our new decorating Bible! It never ceases to bring new and fresh ideas. I own many decor and design books and magazines, and I honestly can say that Domino is the best inspiration. It's pages are lined with the latest and the most classic of decor and design styles and trends. So far, I've found the best decorator's handbook for draperies and upholstery and shopping resources guide with Domino. It was definitely written by people just like us- they appreciate good information and inspiration from A to Z, they have the same questions about decor and the answer to many of your design dilemmas. The book is laid out in room-by-room chapters, with guides on buying furniture, how to choose your style of bed, rug, dining table, console, etc; and how to mix and match pieces and why they work together. If you're redecorating or remodeling, Domino is a great book to have; it helps you decide which items to trash and which ones to restore, as well as how to identify your best pieces and which ones only "take up space"- or clutter, as some of us call it!

At Trinity Uptown Custom Window Coverings, we have a passion and love for decor and design. As you may have noticed, other than sharing with you information about our new and current products we offer and photos of our satisfied clients, we want to share with you what's inspiring us; in hopes that you'll find inspiration too. We're going to be showcasing not only our favorite styles and photos of inspiring spaces, but also resources and articles that will hopefully help you in your quest to make your living space a reflection of you and....make it homeAfter all, home really is the most important place in the world! We just may be a little partial to windows and window treatments, but we're not letting our creativity stop there; we have great enthusiasm for every room in the house!

Ever thought about layering rugs? I'll admit, when the idea was first presented to me, I thought it was ridiculous! That is, until Domino changed my outlook- once again. This sun room/lounge area is "rocking the kasbah" with several flatweave rugs in orange & red palettes. We also couldn't help noticing how well they were paired up with the natural-hued luscious drapes in the background! 

More great design ideas we love:

Here's an idea: floor-to-ceiling velvet drapes create height and drama in an otherwise small entryway. The possibilities here are endless.

Great color inspiration! There's the right way to leave your walls white!

Wonderful mixture of patterns with the wallpaper and pillows. 

This living room is a great balance of bright and happy, combined with serene and peaceful. Perfect!

Can you notice a trend? Dramatic drapes, and focus on fabric and textiles! 

Check in regularly for more great ideas and style inspiration. Feel free also to leave us some feedback! 


Looking for a great selection of affordable, high-quality window treatments? You're in the right place! Visit us at our website,! We'll be more than happy to assist you with designing your windows!


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Friday, October 21, 2011

Fabric Fascination: Ikat!

(photo credit: Denise Michelle Interiors)

We love fabric! Currently, our favorite pattern is the ever-stylish "Ikat". We're finding it all over the place- from pillows, to dresses, to rugs and couches. It's an ever-versatile pattern, since it comes in an amazing array of colors, hues, thicknesses, come prints bolder and some more faint and soft. So far, our favorite variety is grey, and shades of red with fuschia.  We really love the "Bohemian" style it brings to it's surroundings; as well as the ethnic feel. 

We've got our eye on this beautiful rug from Rug Studio (currently on sale!) Genius color combination.

If you lean more toward the bold Ikat- these fabrics from  make it very affordable to change your room by simply making throw pillows or curtains. This is a upholstery-quality fabric, which would make it also great for a sofa or chairs. My favorite is the navy fabric. 

 This living room from Elle Decor showcases a beautiful mixture of different shades of purple- very Parisian. 

Orange Ikat bedding, photo from Jacquelin Zinn

 These purple Ikat chairs are uniquely contrasted by a black and white zig-zag rug. This is a great example of how well Ikat complements and mixes well with other patterns. Photo from Style-Files.

Ikat would make a great accent wall, too! Wallpaper from From Design Your Wall

Again- Ikat contrasts well with other patterns. I love how the designer here paired Ikat in primary colors with the stark-white roman shades and bedding with red-orange trim. The contrast of colorful, bold Ikat looks great with the simple color blocked beds and Roman Shades. Photo from Elle Decor.

Our favorite look, Bohemian, is played out well with the use of Ikat and Suzani. This wall art would be easy to make- in whatever fabric you like! Photo from Elle Decor.

This is one of my favorite versions of Ikat- and contributes well to the modern lines on this lounge chair. Photo from Apartment Therapy.

What about Windows? Well we are a little partial to windows.....and Ikat is a fantastic choice for your windows! Here are some of our favorite designs:

We love this stunning royal blue and white formal dining room- the Ikat drapes create amazing height and drama- which is great considering the walls were left white. Photo from Elle Decor.

For a softer, more relaxed look, we love these drapes from West Elm.

One of our favorite designs solutions- a bay window with drapes in between each window, woven bamboo shades underneath. Photo from Elle Decor.


Check in with us weekly for more great tips and trends and our favorite home design solutions. We would love the hear from you!


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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Beauty and Luxury of Custom Wood Shutters

Over the next few weeks, we are going to be posting informative articles with more in-depth information about the products that we specialize in. Today I want to begin by introducing you to Norman Sussex Shutters. This is one of the most luxurious window treatments that we offer. Sussex Shutters are crafted from hand-selected basswood and treated with Prescription Wood Conditioning to acclimate the wood to your climate to prevent post-installation shrinking or swelling. 

  • Louvers are made of quarter-sawn wood to ensure generations of durability. This tight, straight and parallel grain also enriches wood character in stain finish.
  • The appearance of furniture quality finish and the exceptional craftsmanship gives Sussex shutters an instant feeling of art
  • A wide range of innovative frame designs, including frames with inserts that keep installation screws out of sight for a clean and decorative look.
  • Reinforced engineered stile-- Multiple layers of wood bonded together to reinforce durability to the core of the stile, which results in a robust support system for the shutter panels.
  • Employs mortise and tenon joinery that resists shear and racking forces endured by shutters to ensure prolonged quality and durability.
  • Personalize shutters with special options. Choose from fixed louvers, center or offset tilt rod, double hung panels, cafĂ© shutters, track systems, French door cutout, specialty shapes and many more.
  • Available in a multitude of solid and stain colors that can match the style of any home.
  • A guarantee of Norman Shutters’ exemplary quality with a lifetime limited warranty on materials and workmanship.

Our Shutters can be ordered in an array of stained or painted finishes. We also offer custom paint colors. If You have a particular color (Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams; we can match if it's a different brand) we can have your shutters made with that color (a minimal surcharge). Specialty windows in all shapes and sizes can be custom fitted with shutters.

Shutters are an investment to your home; that's why we go the extra mile to stand behind our work; offering guarantees on the final product.

Visit our website, Feel free to contact us for more information concerning our complete line of shutters we offer. We are here to help and serve you! 

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Custom Window Treatments~ Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas~ GREAT Fall Savings Starting NOW!

Fall and cooler weather has officially arrived! We are celebrating the arrival of the new Season {which just happens to be our favorite!} and the drawing near of the Holidays by introducing fantastic sales and bonuses to our Blinds & Shutters Programs!

Ready to spruce up your home for the holidays? Hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Growing weary of the same dusty blinds you've had since you bought your house? Treat yourself to some new window treatments this Christmas!

Time to upgrade to some beautiful wood blinds or shutters! We also have Roman and Roller shades! Your beautiful new windows will not only "wow" your friends and family, you'll be glad you made the investment because with our vast line of quality products, you'll have our guarantee that what you're paying for is of top-quality and durability; meaning you'll be able to enjoy your shutters for many, many years.

Remember, Shutters are masterfully crafted, meaning weeks of prescription climate treatment (to prevent warping of the wood over time), to repeated (5+ times) of sanding and staining to ensure lasting quality. Therefore shutters do have a much longer production time (6-8 weeks, longer if you opt for a custom paint or stain color); so make sure you call us for a consultation as soon as possible! We work hard and fast at making sure your order goes into production in a timely manner!

We're offering 25% off our already GREAT prices on all of our Blinds and Shutters.

As always, we'll STILL give you Free Consultation & Installation.

Don't let the Holidays catch you of guard. Many of us are happy when we get our shopping done early, but when it comes to getting our home ready, we end up not being able to, or worse, going over our budget by paying for express fees! Call us today and we'll be more than happy to make an appointment at your convenience.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Custom Wood Blinds- an Edward Jones office in Fort Worth- TCU neighborhood

Normandy Wood Blinds: Made from one of the most environmentally sound hardwoods available; masterfully crafted to produce a flawless wood grain finish. Normandy® Wood Blinds are designed to provide distinction to every window in order to exceed the highest of expectations

We recently had the pleasure of working with an Edward Jones Financial Consultant during his office remodel. He contacted us inquiring about custom blinds and ended up choosing the Normandy Wood Blinds, in Black Walnut with 2" slats. The end result is handsome and elegant; the richness of the wood is visible from every angle. Very impressive!

Take a look at what the office looked like without blinds:

This window previously had vinyl mini-blinds.

There was a substantial amount of light coming in. 

Inside the consultant's office.

After we installed blinds:

The addition of the wood blinds brought depth to the room, as well as comfort and warmth. The rich wood completely transforms the room! 

It was a great experience working with Harry & Kim- we look forward to working together with you in the future! We're glad you love the new blinds. 
If you are in the Fort Worth area and are in need of Financial Planning, we can recommend The Edward Jones office of Harry Goolsby, located at 3517 W Biddison Street (Suite 4) in Fort Worth. 

A little more information on Normandy Blinds:

• Environmentally friendly premium solid wood slats
• Textured grain finish highlights the natural characteristic of the wood
• Patented SmartPrivacy™ feature allows optimum blind closure for the utmost levels of privacy
• Light weight enables easier lifting and lowering
•Advanced tilting mechanism makes angling blinds effortless
• Innovative Insta-Lock™ system locks blinds at tighter horizontal intervals with ease
• Upgraded 3 ¼” designer crown valance adds extra style
• Locking mechanisms minimize cord fray for lasting enjoyment
• Cord Release Device consolidates cords and breaks apart in case of child entanglement


• SmartPrivacy™ standard
• 3 ¼” designer crown valance
• Cord tilt (tilt on left, lift on right)
• Two slat sizes: 2” & 2 ½”
• Semi-inside mount valance return: ¾”
• Outside mount valance return: 3 1/16” for 2” slats and 3 9/16” for 2 ½” slats
• Low profile steel headrail

Also, there are several decorative tapes to choose from: 

As with all of our lines of blinds, Normandy includes SmartPrivacy™, a new privacy system that provides tighter blind closure and optimum blockage of incoming light. Compared to standard routeless, SmartPrivacy™ prevents blind slats from sliding out.

Visit our website, for more information on our complete line of wood and faux wood blinds or to request a quote.

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Custom Honeycomb Cellular Shades

Looking for optimal lighting options and the utmost privacy? Cellular shades may be the best option for your home. Top-notch in energy efficiency and ease of use, our Portrait Honeycomb shades are a great addition to your windows if you love the clean, simple lines but still want a luxurious look. You can have both! 

Portrait Honeycomb shades are offered in several different operating systems:

Top-Down Bottom-Up: Adjust your lighting preference and control your 
privacy level by lowering shades from the top to let in natural light, or 
raising them from the bottom like a traditional shade.
SmartRise™ : Easy to operate and eliminates cords for added beauty and 
SmartFit™ :Tight fit on French doors to minimize light leakage and 
maximize privacy
Continuous Cord Loop: Features unique clutch  system making raising and 
lowering easier. 
Standard: Offers a smooth and reliable operation.

You will also enjoy having many colors to match with your home. Portrait Honeycomb shades can be made in various pleat sizes and light control options.You can adjust the light control in each room- from opaque, semi-opaque, room darkening or total black-out; various rooms have various functions. We have a style and function for every room in your home. 

Feel free to give us a call or visit our website for more information on our line of cellular shades, or to set up an appointment for an estimate. All consultations are free of charge! 

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