Current Sales and Specials

Fall and cooler weather has officially arrived! We are celebrating the arrival of the new Season {which just happens to be our favorite!} and the drawing near of the Holidays by introducing fantastic sales and bonuses to our Blinds & Shutters Programs!

Ready to spruce up your home for the holidays? Hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Growing weary of the same dusty blinds you've had since you bought your house? Treat yourself to some new window treatments this Christmas!

Time to upgrade to some beautiful wood blinds or shutters! We also have Roman and Roller shades! Your beautiful new windows will not only "wow" your friends and family, you'll be glad you made the investment because with our vast line of quality products, you'll have our guarantee that what you're paying for is of top-quality and durability; meaning you'll be able to enjoy your shutters for many, many years.

Remember, Shutters are masterfully crafted, meaning weeks of prescription climate treatment (to prevent warping of the wood over time), to repeated (5+ times) of sanding and staining to ensure lasting quality. Therefore shutters do have a much longer production time (6-8 weeks, longer if you opt for a custom paint or stain color); so make sure you call us for a consultation as soon as possible! We work hard and fast at making sure your order goes into production in a timely manner!

We're offering 25% off our already GREAT prices on all of our Blinds and Shutters.

As always, we'll STILL give you Free Consultation & Installation.

Don't let the Holidays catch you of guard. Many of us are happy when we get our shopping done early, but when it comes to getting our home ready, we end up not being able to, or worse, going over our budget by paying for express fees! Call us today and we'll be more than happy to make an appointment at your convenience.

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